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Last ever run of FT Uppers

Updated: Apr 1

Wednesday - March 13th - 5PM PST


- 48 hour pre order

- FT logo is deep engraved by laser over the charging handle.

- They will be on the site as "UPR", with no image.

- These are stripped, no forward assist or dust cover is included.

- Pricing is $125 per upper.

- They are anodized black, so they will be a close match to most forged lowers and rails.

- Lead time is 5-6 weeks. Most likely on the shorter end of that estimate, but sometimes shit

happens. If there are any delays I will let everyone know immediately.

- US only. If you do not live in the US and somehow place an order for one, you will be refunded.


- Ramp Stickers - 12" tall

- Watch Plug Stickers - 3" x 4"


- Uppers are a preorder.

- Uppers are 4-6 lead time.

- Ramp Stickers ship immediately.

- Watch Plug stickers will ship with Uppers.

- You will receive tracking as soon as your package hits the mail stream.

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